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Case Studies

Application Examples

G-Acoustic supplying exemplary professional loudspeaker systems across the spectrum of touring, theatre, conversion hall, concert venue etc. and installation applications. 

Below you will find real-life examples of our product solution in practice. 


G-Acoustic delivers rich, clear sound that envelops the entire congregation leading to an uplifting experience, A stronger community and a thriving house of worship.

We have an extensive record of successful installations with houses of worship around the world from the smaller 200 seat venue through to the multi-campus sites.

Sarawak Blessed Church – One of the largest Chinese church among the churches in Malaysia, are using G-Acoustic sounds and speakers solution for their weekly services since 2000.

Concert & Touring

For more than 20 years, G-Acoustic have providing the Concert and Touring Events industries ultimate in sound reinforcement technology. Today, G-Acoustic loudspeaker systems and plug & play amplification solutions deliver significant performance benefits to artists and audiences alike, and important valuable commercial benefits to rental companies and sound contractors.


G-Acoustic delivers a consistent acoustic signature of rich, clear sound across a venue, connecting the different facets of the space and delighting the patrons that frequent them. Consequently, venues become destinations and more profitable.

Corporate Events

G-Acoustic delivers rich, clear sound that envelops all delegates ensuring impactful presentations that educate, motivate and inspire.

We have an extensive record of successful corporate events – ranging from International companies through to SME clients – based on the same philosophy that a delegation that can hear every word and feel inspired or informed will be more engaged and the event is more likely to fulfil its goals.

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