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G-Acoustic Tradition

During developing, evaluating and testing we followed strict our company tradition and policy – providing loudspeakers with highest acoustic performance, natural sound, usability and reliability. The result, the G3 series, integrates itself seamless into our other product ranges.

We never stop our own learning process for test practices and comparisons to deliver always the best possible result together with stability and durability of our products.

Every G-Acoustic product has been tested under real world conditions that you can be confident to get a product what is able to give maximum performance in every situation and application. 

Specifications and Performance

Many loudspeakers manufacturers focus just on the specifications. But in the real world there are many other factors you can’t express with specifications – music and speech are complex things and subjective impressive can only be measured with your ears.

Stability, durability, productivity and reliability is where you will experience with time of using a product and influence the overall worth of a product. Using the optimum components, newest design tools and hours of listening give us the possibility to provide all of these factors on highest grade.

We always try to get feedback from users for all of our products from different applications to improve the quality – even the product is already on the market for several years. With that user response we can ensure our company slogan:

Products from practice for practice!

G3 Series

The G3 Series was developed to fill the space between our standard application speakers and our line arrays for tour sound and installtions. 

We set our goal for that:

  • As small as possible cabinets combined with highest output and sound quality using 3-way systems with horn-loaded mid-high sections
  • Bandpass subwoofers for highest sensitivity and truck friendly dimensions
  • Possibility of clustering and stacking for all combinations of mid-high speaker with subwoofers.

Four full range speakers andtwo2 subwoofers allow any combination in any size according the need of application. From small venues with single speaker usage over touring with live bands in different venue sizes up to large scale concert halls – all can be covered with the G3 series


Different kinds of music and different kind of applications require different subwoofer designs. To fulfil these requirement we offer the user various sizes and technologies in our product range. All of our subwoofers can be used together with the mid high cabinets of every series and for every application, depending on the customers needs.


The OGOS line array was made to hit the requirements of the market. During the design we followed the rules of line-source-theory without compromises to get the acoustically perfect result. Additionally we integrated state of the art drivers to reach outstanding output for the cabinet size. Together rigging hardware, overall the user will get an easy to scale system for small to medium applications with outstanding parameters.

Application Speakers

Various type of application speakers & monitors in a multifunctional cabinet. All integrated with a standard pole mount for different applications.

Power Amplifiers

We provide our power amplifiers in 2 different Class-D models. For easy system wiring all models have 2-channels and can be connected with 4-wire SPEAKON connector panels. All inputs are XLR connectors. To integrate our amplifiers in installations around the world and for easy maintenance we use NEUTRIK® POWERCON connectors for power connection, thus it is only necessary to replace the power cable accordingly.

For maximum power on small size and low weight we provide the T3600 model with Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS), the T2000 and T3000 amplifiers contain a traditional transformer power supply for price sensitive and reliable applications.

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