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Power Amplifiers

Power Amplifiers T Series

We provide our power amplifiers in 2 different Class-D models. For easy system wiring all models have 2-channels and can be connected with 4-wire SPEAKON connector panels. All inputs are XLR connectors. To integrate our amplifiers in installations around the world and for easy maintenance we use NEUTRIK® POWERCON connectors for power connection, thus it is only necessary to replace the power cable accordingly.

For maximum power on small size and low weight we provide the T3600 model with Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS), the T2000 and T3000 amplifiers contain a traditional transformer power supply for price sensitive and reliable applications.


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Truck Friendly Size

Efficiency and cost for usage are important factors in professional audio business. That’s why we provide our products in truck space friendly sizes and shapes to minimize necessary expenditures for transportation. Additionally it is our contribution to save energy and reduce environment pollution. 

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