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G3 Series

G3 Series

The G3 Series was developed to fill the space between our standard application speakers and our line arrays for tour sound and installtions. 

We set our goal for that:

  • As small as possible cabinets combined with highest output and sound quality using 3-way systems with horn-loaded mid-high sections
  • Bandpass subwoofers for highest sensitivity and truck friendly dimensions
  • Possibility of clustering and stacking for all combinations of mid-high speaker with subwoofers.

Four full range speakers andtwo2 subwoofers allow any combination in any size according the need of application. From small venues with single speaker usage over touring with live bands in different venue sizes up to large scale concert halls – all can be covered with the G3 series

G3 Features

System Integration

All of our G3 full-range speaker use the same mid-high section with horn-loaded midrange driver and coaxial placed high-driver. This ensure even sound quality, sound characteristics and phase response not only when using the same speaker model but also when mix speakers within the G3 series if necessary. Sound engineers will save time for setting up whole application by using standardized equalizer setups for the series and no need of adapting miss-matched phase responses by all-pass filters. 

M10 Rigging points for any possible flight application

On top and bottom are 4 M10 points at useful positions. Each side contains additional 2 M10 points. This will ensure that every hanging position can be done with stable and safe 4-point hanging. One additional M10 point at backside can be used for secondary safety rope if required.

Protected Connectors

Heavy usage even in today’s rental market requires not only a good sound performance but also a good rentability and reliability of products. All G3 products were designed with protected mounted connectors to avoid trampled down plugs and failures caused by rain.

Symmetrical Enclosures

For easy clustering at large scale applications we designed the full-range G3 speakers with symmetrical enclosures to allow even clusters with 2 or 3 speakers on left and right side to each enclosure. Best sound result with less comb filter effects will be reached if placed 2 cabinets sides together.

Useful Handles for any situation of transport and installation

All of our handles are placed practical and useful. We integrate the handles into the enclosures for higher value, better look and better feeling compared to standard plastic handles.

Stable Metal Grill

All speakers have 2mm road tough metal grills together with inside textile to ensure maximum speaker protection. At same time the open area ensures highest acoustical output with minimized influence of natural driver response.

Configurations and Applications

Single Flown Speaker

  • Delay line
  • Conference hall
  • Public hall
  • House of worship

Small Stack with Pole

  • Acoustic live performance
  • Small DJ set

Single Full-range G215

  • Live Band full range set
  • Medium DJ Application

Medium Stack

  • Medium DJ application
  • Live Band in medium venue

Double G212 or 215 with 4 or more subwoofers

  • Large scale application
  • Concert hall
  • Loud DJ application
  • Outdoor Live Band concert

System Integration

The Gseries can be integrated as own system or together with our other loudspeaker series by using the G-Acoustic system processing together with the G-Acoustic amplifiers. This will ensure that all is processed safe and with best sound quality.

G-Acoustic Standards

The system wiring – same as in our other loudspeakers – will save time and money by using standardized 4-core connections at all of our amplifiers, full-range speakers and subwoofers. Spending time for learning the cable system is obsolute.


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Truck Friendly Size

Efficiency and cost for usage are important factors in professional audio business. That’s why we provide our products in truck space friendly sizes and shapes to minimize necessary expenditures for transportation. Additionally it is our contribution to save energy and reduce environment pollution. 

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